You may transfer your parking permit to another individual at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Police Department. Please see the rules below.

  • You and the individual you’re transferring the permit to must be present.
  • You will need pay a processing fee by cash or check. Call the office for the current amount.
  • You both will need your student or staff or faculty UW-Platteville identification.
  • You may only transfer your staff permit to another staff/faculty.
  • You may only transfer your student permit to another current student.
  • A permit may only be transferred once.


Please see the information below.

  • There is a processing fee. Contact the office for the current amount.
  • You will not be able to exchange an expired permit for a current one.
  • You may exchange a lesser value permit for a greater value, but you are responsible for the difference.
  • You may exchange a greater value permit for a lesser value and a refund check will be sent to you or PASS transaction will be processed depending on how the exchanged permit was purchased.

What you’ll need

  • Cash, check, money order, or PASSPORT ID funds to cover processing fee and possible difference.
  • Permit you are exchanging.
  • Student identification.