2014 – 2015 CHAMPIONS

Badminton: Doubles (Blue League): 1st – Clayton Van Derlunden and Andrew Gunderson. 2nd – Zach Von Penbosch & Zach Hofacker. 2nd – Jacob Trapp and Andrew Seibel.

Doubles: 1st – Ethan Dener and Nate Jensen. 2nd – Adam Gabliardi and Jareb Knutson

Basketball: Dirty Mike and the Boys, Block Party, Pull up Game Vicious, Uptown Twins, Sig Ep Purple, Last Kings, Quack Attack, Spray n’ Pray, Pamper’s Pullups, How’d That Taste, Dream Team, Colonel Sander’s Squad, Mashed Potatoes & McGrady, Hash Slinging Slashers, Halffast, Average Joe’s Gym

Disc Golf: 1st - Alec Anderson. 2nd – Robert Martin

Dodgeball: Pecan Sandes, Mile’s Foam Finger, Average Joes, Team 6, The Linderdodge

Football: Team Name, Thugs n’ Hugs, Thunderdome, Dom-Oh Squad, Scenic Bluffs, SCLSU Mud Dogs, Family Style, Tunnas TD Squad, Sig Ep Raiders, Mean Machine, Rainmakers, I Thought This Was Soccer, bubbles Shed & Breadfast, Marky Marks Funky Bunch, Porky’s Pig Skins, You Know Why We’re Here, No Punt Intended, Squad IV, Velociraptors

Indoor Soccer: Pink Fluffy Bunnies, We Can’t Flag, Victorious Secret, Django Two Chains, Eccentric Kamikaze Pilots, Cobra Kai, Najran

Racquetball: Fall: 1st – Robert McNeil, 2nd – Ben Richle.

Spring: 1st – Robert McNeil, 2nd – Matt Horne, 3rd – Adrian Kaiser

Softball: Long Ball, Jorts, Dinger Derby, One Hit Wonder, Fairly Civil, Trailor Park Boys, Thunderdome, The Brickyard, 3 Peat Victors, These Cobras Don’t Run, Swingers The Vatican Cardinals, Pecan Sandies, CNC

Volleyball: Ya Dig, Ben/Schull, Loud Noises, Chicks Dig Our Spikes, Sid’s Concrete, Spike-a-holics, Walla Walla, Clout Squad, Razzle Dazzlers of Fantazz, We Can’t Play, Beats by Ray, Best When Served Hot, Volleyball Innuendo