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Our Help Desk Offers Tech support to Campus

Providing exceptional computer service and tech support to faculty, staff, and students on all UW-Platteville campuses. The ITS Help Desk will accomplish its mission by providing timely responses to calls and requests, a knowledgeable staff, courteous and professional service, and a reliable point of first contact.



UW-Platteville Accounts

Temporary Group Accounts

Camps or other ad hoc groups visiting campus may request a temporary group account to use IT resources such as lab machines and printers. Approval is required. Submitting a request does not guarantee approval.

Group Account

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts are created for people that are not employees or students at UW-Platteville but are still involved with activities at our campuses. Accounts are not automatically provided or retained and accounts that are not accessed regularly may be deleted.

Guest Account


Passwords are the primary defense and front-line security for your data. If someone obtains your password they have complete access to your account, your data, and to ALL the system privileges you have. You must not share your password because you are responsible for all actions taken by anyone with whom you share your password.

Password Self-Service

Information Security

Information security is a discipline concerned with ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. The goal of the Information Security program within UW-Platteville is to protect information against disclosure to unauthorized users (confidentiality), improper modification, inadvertent corruption or destruction (integrity), and to ensure access to the information exists when required (availability).

Contact Information

Information Technology Services

0409 Karrmann Library
9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday Closed, Saturday-Sunday

Access PASS and email

Your door to UW-Platteville's internal content and resources.

Pioneer Portal

Contact Information

Help Desk
9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday
Closed, Saturday-Sunday
1st Floor Karrmann Library

Looking to record your event?

Our media technology staff will assist to record your event. Please submit a request.

Event Recording Request