Here at UW-Platteville, we learn, we make friends, and we grow. Most importantly, we take care of the things that matter to us. #uwpdriftless is a collection of events, happenings, and opportunities that draw us into our community. The hashtag is not only used to describe our relationship to nature and the environment but also to our neighbors, local businesses, artists, and others; it is all about what is innovative, sustainable, and happening right here in Platteville and the surrounding communities.

We are particularly in love with the fact that our backyard is totally unique; we are located in the Driftless Area, a small area of the country that escaped the glaciers thousands of years ago. This left us with the beautiful rolling hills you see, and also with the unique culture and ecology that reflects those hills.


Here, we will have a calendar of campus and community events related to #uwpdriftless

Donate your passion

Here we would have a way to volunteer or sign up for volunteer opportunities (still need to talk with the PIC about this)

BE An Innovator 

Here we would have a link to courses/majors that emphasize sustainability/localism/innovation


Here we would link to funding opportunities (e.g. PACCE, Campus Sustainbility Fund)

Contact Information


308 Royce Hall