Beginning in Fall 2018, UW-Platteville began its partnership with The Washington Center (TWC). Students majoring in Criminal Justice, Forensic Investigation, or Political Science can attend TWC for a semester and earn credit toward their major. Students will live in Washington, DC for a full semester interning at an agency, taking an evening class, and participating in the LEAD colloquium. If you are interested in a career related to the federal government or just want to gain experience in it, consider taking this rare opportunity.

For over 40 years, The Washington Center has provided immersive internships and academic seminars to students from around the world. TWC is affiliated with over 400 colleges and universities in the USA and internationally. Internships in the Washington, DC area enhance the educational experience through placement of a student with a governmental, non-profit, or private agency in our nation's capital. Real-world, hands-on experience in criminal justice or political science fields coupled with exposure to the rich and diverse cultures of the DC metropolitan area offer students a unique experience to build practical and professional skills and contacts.

Cost and Funding

TWC charges their own tuition and fees, include housing. TWC does charge an application fee.

Current fees and tuition costs can be found on their website.


Students who enroll at TWC for a semester will have their UW-Platteville tuition waived for the semester. Students will only need to pay TWC.


Students may use the same funding sources for TWC as they use for tuition at UW-Platteville. For example, students who receive FAFSA aid can use that money for TWC tuition. Students who receive FAFSA will need to submit TWC's Financial Aid Confirmation Form to the Financial Aid Office.

Please contact your campus liaison (contact information listed below) or UW-Platteville's Financial Aid Office for more details and information. Please note that only the Financial Aid Office can answer questions specific to your individual needs.

Financial Assistance

Two additional sources of funding for students are:

  1. TWC's own financial aid program
  2. UW-Platteville's internal grant

Students interested in applying for the UW-Platteville internal gap funding grant should complete the application form and submit it to their campus liaison. This grant is meant to help cover some of the tuition gap between TWC and UW-Platteville.

Major Eligibility and Courses

For further information, see the sections below or contact the campus liaison for your major.

  • Eligibility

    Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation majors must meet the following criteria:

    • Junior standing
    • 12 upper division CJ/FI credits
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
    • Passed the department's writing proficiency exam
    • Campus liaison consent

    All 15 credits will count toward students' CJ or FI major elective credits. Students must enroll in the following courses:

    As of August 2018, these courses are available though PASS but not the 2017-2018 course catalog. For more information contact Dr. Kory Wein at or call 608.342.1925.

  • Eligibility

    Political Science majors must have:

    • Sophomore standing
    • Campus liaison consent

    Nine credits (UWPSTUDY 4660) will count toward students' Political Science major elective credits and the other 6 credits will count toward degree elective credits. Students must enroll in the following courses:

    • UWPSTUDY 4110 - The Washington Center - LEAD Colloquium
    • UWPSTUDY 4120 - The Washington Center - Evening Topics Course
    • UWPSTUDY 4660 - The Washington Center - Political Science Internship

    As of August 2018, these courses are available though PASS but not the 2017-2018 course catalog. For more information contact Dr. Travis Nelson at or call 608.342.1809.