Firearms and Dangerous Weapons

No person may carry, possess or use any dangerous weapon on University of Wisconsin-Platteville lands, buildings, or facilities, without the written approval of the chief administrative officer or for law enforcement purposes. No person may display or portray as real any object that resembles a dangerous weapon on UW-Platteville lands or in buildings. The UW-Platteville Police Department is authorized to confiscate and remove any such property found on university property. 

Persons with a state-issued Concealed Carry License are allowed to carry firearms or dangerous weapons on UW-Platteville grounds. Weapons may also be stored in a personally-owned vehicle, parked in a UW-Platteville parking lot, or at the UW-Platteville Police Department Student Storage Facility.  

Individuals are prohibited from carrying firearms and dangerous weapons into buildings or portions of buildings that are owned, occupied, or controlled by UW-Platteville, including residence halls and special event venues. 

Please see the UW-Platteville Firearms and Dangerous Weapon Policy for more information 

Sporting Weapon Storage 

The UW-Platteville Police Department offers secure storage for sporting weapons to current students. Any sporting weapon may be stored, including but not limited to: rifles, shotguns, handguns, bows, paintball guns or other legal weapons. While students are technically able to meet with an officer 24 hours a day to pick up or drop off a sporting weapon, please plan ahead. 

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