The Senior Software Engineering Project spans two semesters starting in the fall and ending in spring. During this time, you’ll manage, design, implement and deploy a large-scale project under real-world conditions. Projects require the integration of skills developed throughout your studies.


Each design project is completed by a large team of students during the last year of their studies. These teams have access to cutting-edge software engineering tools. A faculty instructor coordinates the entire development process, but you’ll have freedom in selecting a project.

Project Management

Instructor solicits projects, selects projects in consultation with Software Engineering faculty, and organizes the kickoff meetings. Agile development is followed from the beginning to the end of the yearlong projects. Students have daily stand up meetings and meet at other times as the need arises. Students also give bi-weekly Sprint demos to clients, either remotely or in person. Students present their work to the clients at the end of the fall (midterm) and spring (final) semester.

Attributes of a good project

The best projects have a very engaged client who will benefit from the work being performed. Projects must have a significant design component. We welcome projects that allow students to be exposed to current industry trends. Ideally, the student project team will deliver its final presentation to a diverse audience of stakeholders.