The primary goal of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Children's Center is to provide an atmosphere that is safe, secure, and fun-filled, while meeting each child's individual needs.

Skills Developed

Each semester, the children have an opportunity to participate and develop skills in the following areas:

Art Group Games Nutrition
Blocks Health Outdoor Play
Books Independence Problem-Solving
Computers Language Reading
Creative Expression Listening Responsibility
Decision Making Math Safety
Dramatic Play Music Science
Emotions/Empathy Nature Writing

What We Do

  • Strengthen children's positive feelings about themselves and others
  • Foster ongoing social skill development in areas of cooperation, problem-solving, decision-making, and emotions
  • Provide intellectual challenges in the areas of language, vocabulary, readiness skills, mathematics, and science
  • Design experiences which encourage children to think, question, analyze, experiment, discover, and learn
  • Create an environment which helps develop an appreciation of both difference and similarities.
  • Allow opportunities to develop physical fitness, muscle control, and coordination
  • Encourage creative self-expression
  • Instill sound nutritional, health, and safety habits
  • Establish a supportive environment for children and their families

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