The Animal House at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville provides you with real-life animal care training and research experiences. You’ll also have the opportunity for experiences with community partners, including the renowned National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, Platteville Public Library, Belmont and Platteville public schools, and more.

Animals in the program, located at 324 Boebel Hall, include:

  • African clawed frogs
  • Ball python
  • Bearded dragon
  • Bess beetles, Crested gecko,
  • Gray short-tailed opossum
  • Hermit crabs
  • Madagascar hissing cockroaches
  • meal worms
  • millipedes
  • Russian tortoise

Work at the Animal House

Students in the Animal House receive upper level credit in biology. You’re encouraged to be involved for a minimum of two semesters. You can take either one credit per semester and chose either animal care or share or take two credits and be involved in both aspects of the Animal House.

The program isn’t just for biology students, come check us out during an open house each semester. Contact us if you’re interested, want to schedule a tour or presentation!