Accreditation Steering Committee Mission

The HLC Steering Committee exists to:

  • Oversee and guide the comprehensive processes required to maintain UW-Platteville’s accreditation status.
  • Provide and ensure internal and external communication regarding the process of accreditation and progress in developing our Quality Assurance argument, including maintaining the university’s accreditation website.
  • Maintain communication with the HLC.
  • Identify, manage, and submit electronic documentation of evidence files to the HLC’s electronic Assurance System.
  • Ensure that required documentation and reports are submitted on time to the HLC, including the comprehensive Assurance Argument required in Years 4 and 10 of the accreditation cycle.
  • Provide support to the Quality Initiative, including submitting required documentation and reports.
  • Plan and participate in the comprehensive site visit and peer review that will occur during the 2021-22 academic year.

For useful resources concerning the Accreditation Steering Committee visit the links below

  • Sharon Klavins, (BILSA), Chair, HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Mittie Den Herder, Provost
  • Barb Barnet, Chair, Mathematics
  • Dominic Barraclough, Director, Graduate Studies and University Projects
  • Laura Bayless, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Todd Carothers, Project Management, Business
  • Nettie Daniels, Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
  • Shane Drefcinski, Director, General Education
  • Dawn Drake, Director, Distance Learning
  • Les Hollingsworth, BILSA Assistant Dean, BILSA Liaison
  • Tara Krueger, Distance Learning
  • Christina Curras, EMS Assistant Dean for Student Services
  • Colleen McCabe, Chair, Health and Human Performance
  • Chanaka Mendis, EMS Assistant Dean for Faculty/Staff Services, EMS Liaison, Chemistry
  • James Mueller, Executive Director, Auxiliary Services
  • Cathy Riedl-Farrey, Director of Financial Services
  • James Romesburg, Director, English Composition
  • John Schliesmann, Institutional Research
  • Kory Wein, LAE Assistant Dean, LAE Liaison
  • Joanne Wilson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs