If you are traveling with students, you are designated by the Clery Act as a Campus Security Authority.  This means that if a crime is reported to you that occurred in certain location, you must forward a statistical report of that crime to the UW-Platteville Clery Team.  Please take the following CSA training so that you are familiar with your responsibilities under the Clery Act: Online Training Module

Locations where students travel and stay overnight for university-sponsored business or activities may be subject to Clery reporting requirements. If you are traveling with students and you or UW-Platteville has written agreement to control space that the students will be using, please fill out the Travel Registry Form.  A written agreement can be anything from a formal contract, to a hotel reservation, to an email. 

If you need to report a Clery crime while traveling with students, please call the Clery Coordinator (608) 342-1584 or email clery-team@uwplatt.edu