Further your education with college credit

A "non-degree seeking student" can be many different people and situations. You fall into this group if you are a working professional seeking a certificate to get a leg up in your field; a high school student who wants to get ahead by taking a college-level course; or anyone who wants to benefit from the unique courses we offer at our UW-Platteville campuses, but does not intend to pursue a full degree.

Special Student

You are considered an undergraduate special student if you graduated from a recognized high school, or have the educational equivalent, are not currently seeking a degree, and want to take undergraduate coursework.

College Credit for High School Students

High school students are eligible to take courses to earn college credit through the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) or as a High School Special (HSS) student. 

Where is the class held? Face-to-face on a university campus or online
Who teaches the class? University faculty member
Which courses are available? Classes that have seats available after college students register and are approved by the district
What is the approximate cost? Early College Credit Program: $100 per credit, paid by the school district; High School Special: $350 per credit, paid by the student
How much is tuition normally? ~$350 per credit including all fees
What about textbooks? Textbook rental is included in the fee. Students checkout books from our Textbook Center and return them at the end of the semester.

Learn more about the Early College Credit Program and High School Special student.

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