A steering committee guided the overall direction and development of the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan while six councils engaged in more detailed discussions about each of the thematic areas. The councils provided direction and oversight throughout this process to ensure that there are clearly defined plans based on the collaborative input and feedback from the campus community and other stakeholders. The six councils included:

  • Academic Experience Council
  • Student Success-Recruitment Council
  • Student Success-Retention Council
  • Campus Climate Council
  • Fiscal Planning Council
  • Community and Corporate Partnerships Council


Led by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the university progressed through four phases to develop, refine, and finalize the strategic plan.


Community Engagement

Throughout the Strategic Planning Process, efforts were made to involve the campus community as much as possible through in-person events and online feedback. The Steering Committee achieved significant engagement from across the community.

In-person engagement events

  • 10 engagement sessions were held
  • Approximately 226 unique individuals were in attendance across all events
    • Approximately 73% of those in attendance there not affiliated with a planning council or steering committee
    • Faculty made up the largest segment of in-person participants

Feedback Survey

  • Received 313 responses (from 310 anonymous respondents; 58% of whom were students)
    • 14 from Baraboo campus
    • 268 from Platteville campus
    • 11 from Richland campus
    • 20 from online education

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Strategic Plan

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