With a preschool credential you can start applying child development theory to your practice as a professional child care provider through Child Care Education.

This program is also available in Spanish.

You will learn techniques to observe, record, and assess growth and development in children while implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Courses focus on how to incorporate developmentally appropriate guidance strategies, while providing a respectful, diverse, and inclusive program.

To earn your Registry Preschool Credential, you will need to complete the following three-credit courses:

  1. Nutrition, Safety, and Health
  2. Child Development
  3. Social Studies, Art, and Music
  4. Guiding Children's Behavior
  5. Early Language and Literacy
  6. Preschool Practicum

You can review your textbooks and:

  • Buy them online
  • Buy them from a bookstore
  • Check them out from your local library
  • Check them out from the Wisconsin Child Care Information Center


The following courses are currently available for registration: