Physical therapy is a dynamic healthcare profession. Physical therapists are skilled in planning, organizing, and directing programs for the care of individuals of all ages who have been impaired by disease or injury, and the need for them is projected to increase 28%.* Physical therapists perform tests and evaluations which help to establish treatment objectives for the patient. In addition, a physical therapist works with the patient to carry out the objectives in ways that are realistic and consistent with daily needs.

Our program for pre-physical therapy provides the necessary science background as well as an understanding of people and society to help students qualify for the professional program.

UW-Platteville has an articulation with the Clark University. You will need to complete three years of coursework at UW-Platteville and the first year of the Doctor of Physical Therapy coursework applies as the fourth year of coursework at UW-Platteville to complete the biology degree.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these projected growth rates are from 2016-2026.