What you'll learn in Pre-Medical Technology studies at UW-Platteville

Help people and explore your interest in science through the Pre-Med Technology program with the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Department of Biology. Members of this profession are responsible for providing accurate, reliable laboratory tests to determine the presence, absence, extent, or cause of disease. As a pre-med tech student you can prepare for a career as a medical technologist or clinical laboratory scientist, using sophisticated chemical procedures, complex instrumentation, and microscopic observation to relay information to physicians for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Outside the classroom, you can build on your experience through student clubs and organizations, and opportunities to perform undergraduate research. Plus, we offer a wide variety of campus support programs like STEM Living Learning Communities, mentoring, internships, and co-ops that allow you to create a student experience unique to you and your goals.

Careers in Medical Technology

Pursuing a college degree in medical technology will prepare you for a career testing biological samples and reporting on the outcome of those tests. You will likely be responsible for operating laboratory equipment and using automated machinery to analyze test samples. Test data results are then used by physicians and surgeons to diagnose and treat patients or by medical researchers conducting scientific studies.

Some of the many potential careers you might consider with this degree include:

  • Clinical laboratory scientist
  • Clinical technician
  • Cryotechnologist
  • Diagnostic medical sonographer
  • EEG technologist
  • Emergency medical technician
  • Forensic science technician
  • Hemodialysis technician
  • Histotechnologist
  • Home health aide
  • Laboratory technician
  • Medical assistant
  • Medical records specialist
  • Medical technologist
  • MRI technologist
  • Nuclear medicine technologist
  • Pathology technician
  • Phlebotomist
  • Radiologic technologist
  • Sonographer
  • Ultrasonographer
  • X-ray technician

Some students who pursue med tech pre-med degrees in college choose to specialize in a particular healthcare discipline. For example, you might choose to work in immunology, chiropractic technology, ophthalmology, dental health, mammography, occupational therapy, psychiatry, or in a hospice setting. Most professionals working in the medical technology field work indoors in clinical or laboratory settings.

Discover by doing

Students at UW-Platteville have numerous opportunities to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. Supplement lectures and labs with experiential learning through research projects, internships, and university events designed to help you get the most out of your college career.

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