Pre-law is a program of activities designed to guide the undergraduate student interested in a career in law to make sound decisions and achieve success. This begins with the choice of an academic major of interest to you, and the selection of challenging courses which elicit and strengthen your talent. You will receive academic advisement from an advisor in your major field and pre-law advisement from an experienced pre-law advisor.

The advantages of the pre-law program include the following:

  • Award-winning and nationally recognized mock trial and competition teams which compete in invitational, regional, and national tournaments
  • An active Pre-Law Society which sponsors trips to pre-law events, tours of law schools, and visiting speakers
  • Guidance in evaluating law-related careers
  • Advice in the selection of law schools and the opportunity to talk directly to admissions personnel at pre-law forums
  • Help in preparing for the Law School Admissions Test
  • Law-related courses in such disciplines as political science, criminal justice, and business administration, which not only challenge you but offer a taste of legal education