What you'll learn studying Plastics Processing Technology at UW-Platteville

Most products in today’s market have some plastic components or are packaged in plastic. As part of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Department of Industrial Studies, the plastics processing technology minor explores the properties of various plastic materials, how plastic parts are manufactured, and the design of molds required to produce plastic parts. 

In the plastics processing program, you’ll learn about materials testing and evaluation, focus on the plastic manufacturing process, be introduced to 3D industrial production drafting and the injection molding process, learn about safety and risk management principles, and gain the skills needed to launch your career after graduation. 

To learn more, review the degree requirements for the plastics processing technology minor.

Careers in Plastics Processing Technology

People who choose careers in plastics processing typically use a variety of machines for plastic casting to cut, form, and shape plastic (and sometimes metal) products. Using plastic injection molding technology and other product-specific techniques, workers can set and operate the machines that produce plastic products. Plastics workers may be responsible for confirming machinery is working optimally and replacing worn or malfunctioning tools. 

UW-Platteville’s program will prepare you for a variety of rewarding careers. Some of the roles our graduates have pursued include:

  • Assembler and fabricator
  • Industrial machinery mechanic
  • Machinist
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Metal and plastic machine worker
  • Model, pattern, or mold maker
  • Molding engineer
  • Plastic fabricator
  • Plastics and composites engineer
  • Production assistant
  • Production supervisor
  • Project engineer
  • Tool and die maker

Discover by doing

You’ll gain hands-on experience through labs and interactive classes, as well as through participating in student clubs and organizations, competitions, research opportunities, internships, and apprenticeship programs.