What you'll learn studying Drafting and Product Development Technology at UW-Platteville 

The drafting and product development technology minor offered by the Department of Industrial Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville provides the chance to get involved in the production design process, using design tools to take ideas from thought to physical products. Everything manufactured requires a set of plans. Creating a set of plans is more than merely drawing and dimensioning the product; the plans need to be developed. This means the product needs to be designed so it is physically possible for it to be made and, in most cases, manufactured in large quantities. In this drafting and design program, you will learn how to design products not only to meet the end user's needs but to become readily manufactured.

To learn more, review the degree requirements for the drafting and product development technology minor.

Careers in Drafting and Product Development Technology

Computer-aided drawing and design programs are available to prepare you to develop products on a large scale and custom-designed platform. 

This minor combined with an industrial technology management major gives you the career advantage to lead teams of people in developing innovative and creative improvements to operate and maintain complex technological systems. As a graduate, you would likely work with a team of product designers to ensure the manufacturing process results in optimal finished products.

Graduates of drafting and design programs can work in a range of settings. Some of the most common careers for professionals in this field include:

  • Design engineer
  • Industrial production manager
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Production supervisor
  • Quality engineer

Professionals who choose this type of career path tend to specialize in one particular type of product category, such as consumer electronics or industrial tools. They typically work in office settings where they can utilize various tools to create and store technical drawings and schematics.