Dr. Tera Montgomery

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215 Pioneer Tower

Dr. Tera L. Montgomery is an Associate Professor of dairy and animal science in the UW-Platteville School of Agriculture and is the Animal Science program coordinator. Tera earned a B.S. from UW-River Falls in animal science with an equine emphasis in 1996. After a two year hiatus from school, she attended the University of Maryland-College Park and received her M.S. in animal science (2000) working in the area of beef physiology, specifically looking at how growth hormone response to growth hormone-releasing hormone predicted future milking ability in beef heifers.

Tera's Ph.D. research focused on the mechanism by which photoperiod management affects milk production and immune function in dairy cattle. After receiving her Ph.D. in 2003, she took an Assistant Professor position at Langston University in Oklahoma at the E. Kika de la Garza Goat Research Institute where she received funding to continue her photoperiod/immune research in the dairy goat. Tera spent the next four years in Columbus, Georgia working as an Adult Education instructor and starting her family, which now includes her husband, three daughters, dogs, cats, goats, alpacas, horses, chickens, and pigs.

Originally from Fond du Lac, she is happy to call Wisconsin home. Tera joined the faculty of the School of Agriculture in August of 2009. Her teaching goals include further development of courses in calf and heifer production as well as small ruminant dairying and she hopes to complete her cheesemaker's license. She also leads a short-term faculty-led study abroad trip to explore agriculture in Romania.  Tera is advisor to the Pioneer Dairy Club, coaches the Dairy Challenge team, and has recently finalized the dairy science major.

Tera's research interests include investigating the effects of photoperiod management in ruminants, such as dairy sheep and goats, evaluating the impact on milk production, out-of-season breeding, and the immune system. She has published 14 peer-reviewed journal articles in six different journals and is an active reviewer for the Journal of Dairy Science. Tera is a member of the American Dairy Science Association, NACTA, and the American Dairy Goat Association.

Ph.D. 2004 University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign   UWPSTUDY 1010 Introduction to College Life**
M.S. 2000 University of Maryland-College Park   ANSCI 1000 Introduction to Animal Science
B.S.  1996 University of Wisconsin-River Falls   ANSCI 2020 Introduction to Dairy Science
        ANSCI 2050 Dairy Cattle Evaluation
        ANSCI 2040 Calf & Heifer Production Systems**
        ANSCI 2990 PreCapstone in Animal Science**
        ANSCI 3010 Dairy Products**
        ANSCI 3040 Principles of Meat Science
        ANSCI 3200 Dairy Records Analysis**
        ANSCI 4070 Dairy Cattle Management
        ANSCI 4150 Biology of Lactation**
        ANSCI 4170 Small Ruminant Animal Management**
        ANSCI 4190 Seminar in Animal Science
        ANSCI 4990 Capstone Symposium in ANSCI**
          **Current courses