Dr. Lucie Abena Kadjo

Agribusiness Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor in Agribusiness

310 Pioneer Tower

Dr. Lucie Abena Kadjo is an Assistant Professor of Agribusiness in the School of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin (UW)-Platteville. Lucie attended the University Hassan I of Settat in Morocco in 2002 where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 2006. She earned her Master of Science (2010) and Ph.D. (2014) in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida, with specialization in marketing, demand and price analysis, and economic development. Lucie is a native of the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire).

Lucie joined the School of Agriculture at UW-Platteville in January 2016 where she teaches agribusiness courses including marketing of agricultural economics (AGBUS 2430), agribusiness (AGBUS 1500) and consumer and producer cooperatives (AGBUS 2500). Her research interests include agricultural marketing and demand and price analysis. In fact, Lucie is interested in joining the National AgriMarketing Association (NAMA).

Prior to coming to the School of Agriculture, Lucie was an adjunct professor for two terms in the department of Business Economics at Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida where she taught principles of microeconomics (ECO 2023) at the sophomore level.  She also taught 7th and 8th grade mathematics as a substitute teacher at the New Design Charter School in Los Angeles, California.