Dr. James H Hampton

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Pioneer Tower
1 University Plz
Platteville, WI 53818-3001

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Program Coordinator and Associate Professor
0213 Pioneer Tower
Animal Science/ Dairy Science Program Coordinator and Associate Professor
0213 Pioneer Tower
Program Coordinator and Associate Professor
0213 Pioneer Tower



Postdoctoral Associate; June 2003-June 2005
The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; Supervisor: Dr. John J. Eppig
Project Title: GREMLIN: A novel potential regulator of reproductive function

Doctor of Philosophy, Animal Science, August 2003
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri; Advisor:  Dr. H. Allen Garverick
Dissertation: Luteinizing hormone modulation of bovine ovarian follicular growth, selection, and pathology

Master of Science, Animal Physiology, May 1998
Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina; Advisor:  Dr. John C. Spitzer
Thesis Title: Retention of a functional corpus luteum and peripheral 13, 14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2alpha following metestrus administration of Syncro-Mate B

Bachelor of Science, Animal Science, May 1994
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia; Research Advisor: Dr. Richard G. Saacke
Project Title: Sexual behavior and semen analysis in peripubertal dairy bulls

ANSCI 3100 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
ANSCI 3110 Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals

Ovarian follicular development
Endocrinology of the bovine estrous cycle

“Protein Deficiency in Lactating Dairy Cattle and its Effects on Fibroblast Growth Factor 21”, Jessica Manke, 2017 PURF recipient
“Nutrient deprivation and its effects on dairy cattle reproduction”, Michael Krueger, 2015 PURF recipient
“Difference in Vitamin C Concentrations between High versus Low-producing Dairy Cows”, Alecia Knapp, 2014 PURF recipient

J. H. Hampton, M. Manikkam, D. B. Lubahn, M. F. Smith and H. A. Garverick.  2004.
Androgen Receptor mRNA expression in the bovine ovary.  Domestic Animal Endocrinology 27(1): 81-88.
J. H. Hampton, J. F. Bader, W. R. Lamberson, M. F. Smith, R. S. Youngquist, and H. A. Garverick.  2004.Gonadotropin requirements for dominant follicle selection in GnRH agonist-treated dairy cows.  Reproduction 127(6): 695-703.
J. H. Hampton, B. E. Salfen, J. F. Bader, D. H. Keisler and H. A. Garverick.  2003.Ovarian follicular responses to high doses of pulsatile luteinizing hormone in lactating dairy cattle.  Journal of Dairy Science 86(6): 1963-1969.