UW-Platteville Drug Free Workplace Act

Under the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 the University of Wisconsin-Platteville prohibits illegal drugs in the workplace. It is unlawful for employees to manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use controlled substances in the workplace while conducting any activity under Federal grants or contracts. Employees engaging in prohibited conduct may be subject to a range of disciplinary personnel actions including reprimand, required participation in drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation programs, or termination of employment.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville provideds a drug awareness and counseling service through the Employee Assistance Program, Counseling Services, Royce Hall, 342-1865. This program is designed to facilitate early identification of a wide range of problems including drug abuse. It provides employee support and appropriate referral services.

All employees of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville must notify the University within five days of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occuring in the workplace.

As a condition of employment under a Federal grant or contract, employees must abide by the UW-Platteville Drug-Free Workplace Policy. The University is required to notify the Federal agency within ten days after receiving notice of employee criminal drug statute conviction for violations occuring in the workplace. Within 30 days of receiving such notice the University will take appropriate personnel actions against the employee up to and including termination, or requiring the employee to participate satisfactorily in an approved drug assistance or rehabilitation program. The University will continue to make a good faith effort to maintain a drug-free workplace.

All grants to the University or to individuals regardless of dollar amount require this certification. Contracts awarded to the University, which equal or exceed $25,000, also require drug-free workplace certification. Contractors consisting of only one individual are to certify that he/she will not engage in unlawful conduct related to controlled substances in the workplace regardless of the dollar value of the contract.

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