Workforce training at UW-Platteville contributes to high-tech manufacturing in Wisconsin

In a commitment to providing students with the most relevant hands-on education and advancing the workforce in the state of Wisconsin, Dr. Bandara Gamini, Automation and Electronics program coordinator in the Department of Industrial Studies, recently visited GE Healthcare in Madison, Wisconsin, to further the university-industry relationship.

According to Gamini, Wisconsin is a leader in high-tech manufacturing – such as medical devices – and exports internationally, including to China. He was able to confirm, in his recent visit to GE Healthcare, that the skills students are learning on campus are directly contributing to the manufacturing of these instruments.

Gamini visited with two UW-Platteville alumni, Michael Ferris and Alan Luckow, who work as manufacturing engineers at GE Healthcare. According to Gamini, both alumni credit the industrial studies major and controls and automation minor for their superior hands-on education, combined with a sought-after work ethic and depth of knowledge in the automation and controls subject area. 

Read Gamini’s full report on UW-Platteville's opportunity in workforce training, and international competitiveness of Wisconsin high-tech.