UW-Platteville and Madison College streamline transfer opportunities for technical education students

Continuing a long-running and mutually beneficial partnership, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Madison College recently signed a new articulation agreement that will streamline transfer opportunities for students pursuing a degree in technical education.  

The agreement establishes a transfer pathway for students who have completed Madison College's Education Pre-Major Technical Education program and wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science in technology and engineering education at UW-Platteville. To qualify for this program, students must meet certain qualifications, including achieving a cumulative GPA of 2.750 or higher in Madison College's pre-major program. Students can be guaranteed admission to UW-Platteville's highly regarded School of Education by meeting these requirements.

UW-Platteville technology education coordinator Duane Elfering said the partnership between the two schools is long overdue. In Wisconsin, high school seniors who have demonstrated excellence in technical education subjects are eligible for Technical Excellence Scholarships. These scholarships can only be used at Wisconsin Technical College System schools. Elfering said this partnership creates a streamlined path for students interested in technology education.

"By taking this route, students will be well-rounded and highly qualified upon graduation, benefiting UW-Platteville, Madison College, and the graduate," said Elfering. "This approach is a win-win-win situation as it offers an additional means of getting more teachers into the pipeline for a successful and rewarding career, which is especially critical given the current shortage of qualified technology and engineering teachers."

The new agreement is in effect immediately.