Distance Education Alumni board sponsors Virtual 5K

Written by Cheryl Lange on |

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Distance Education Alumni Board puts a unique spin on a 5K with their Virtual Distance Dash 5K Run/Walk and Anti-5K. The event is completely virtual, so you can participate when and how you choose, and anyone worldwide can participate. The event is held Nov. 2-10 during National Distance Learning Week. Choose the Distance Dash to participate in a virtual 5K, or sign up for the Anti-5K to participate with your choice of activity or by doing nothing.

Virtual Distance Dash 5K Run/Walk:
Run or walk a distance of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) anytime and anywhere from Nov. 2-10. Pick your favorite outdoor route, or avoid the elements with a treadmill or indoor track. Then post your time online to compete for bragging rights with other participants from across the globe. Participants get a race bib to print and wear and a medal.

Virtual Anti-5K:
Have you always wanted to be part of 5K but don’t like to run? Sign up for the Anti-5K! In the Anti-5k you make the rules. You can complete an alternate activity between Nov. 2-10, or you can embrace the full Anti-5K spirit and do nothing. Read a book, watch a game, Netflix binge, take a nap, learn to knit—you choose! See if you can spend 3.1 hours (3 hr 6 min) doing your activity or non-activity. Post online to share what you did. Participants get a special Anti-5K bib to print and medal. Yes, you still get a medal!

Why a virtual 5K?
The UW-Platteville Distance Education Alumni Board represents alumni of distance education programs offered through the Center for Distance Learning. Virtual activities provide opportunities for students, alumni, and others to connect with each other and the university from anywhere in the world. The $20 registration fee for the Virtual Distance Dash will support the Distance Education Alumni Board Scholarship fund. Registration fees are tax deductible and can help current distance education students afford their education. Donations to the fund also accepted at online registration site.

To Participate:
Register online at https://shopalumni.uwplatt.edu/ by 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7. Then, complete your activity Nov. 2-10 and post your time or activity online (detailed instructions will be sent to participants).