Criminal Justice Programs Featured in Two Rankings for Best Online Degrees

criminal justice awards

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville criminal justice programs have been recognized by Online School Report for best online degrees for 2019. The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program was recognized in the Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminal Justice and the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice ranked in the top ten for Best Online Master’s Degrees in Criminal Justice.

With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, students are able to understand the complex web of social, racial, economic and historical dynamics in the criminal justice system. A degree in criminal justice, allows graduates to pursue careers in law enforcement, corrections, crime scene investigation, forensics and law.

master’s degree in criminal justice will allow for careers ranging from police officers, detectives, forensic scientists and experts in legal.

“A degree in criminal justice can help further a student’s career by distinguishing them from others in the job market,” said Dr. Cheryl Banachowski-Fuller, program coordinator for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice. “The flexibility of our criminal justice programs also allows it to fit into the lives of our busy students so they may excel in their coursework and their careers.”