Business faculty publish and present across several areas of expertise

School of Business Faculty
Pictured left to right are Dr. Abdollah Soofi, Dr. Xiaotong Liu and Dr. George Krueger.

Several faculty members in the University of Wisconsin-Platteville School of Business are capping off the year with recent publications and major conference presentations, demonstrating their breadth of expertise in a variety of areas.

Dr. Abdollah Soofi, professor of economics, published several scholarly papers over the past year, focusing on three diverse subjects. One of the articles covers the financial effects of economic sanctions against Iran. The second examines the mechanism of diffusion of innovation in the techno-economic system with an application on the German techno-economic system. A techno-economic system, Soofi explained, is a “technological system that is represented by the interindustry transactions (economics) combined with a matrix of sectoral innovative efforts as measured by research and development investment intensity (technology).”

Soofi’s third article critically reviews the reasons for economic reforms and opening-up of the late 1970s in China.

“I have a divergent list of research topics,” said Soofi. “My research agenda not only includes an examination and discovery of the fundamental reason for the economic reforms in China in 1978, and the review of the financial crisis in Iran in late 2012, but it also involves an in-depth technical analysis of the system of diffusion of innovations in techno-economic networks.”

Dr. Xiaotong Liu, assistant professor in the School of Business, will present at the Decision Sciences Institute’s 51st annual conference: Decision Sciences in the Age of Connectivity on Nov. 21-23. Liu’s presentation, “A Review of Factors Affecting ERP Adoption,” will examine critical factors influencing firms’ adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning systems and how those systems impact the operational performance of the firms.

“I am particularly excited about Dr. Liu’s growing expertise in ERP and how she’s bringing that knowledge to the classroom,” said Dr. Les Hollingsworth, director of the School of Business. UW-Platteville is a member of the SAP University Alliance, a global program made up of higher education institutions that infuse hands-on learning of enterprise resource planning systems, specifically SAP, into key courses within their programs.

Liu also recently published “An Empirical Investigation of Factors that Drive a User Decision to Continue Using Cloud Storage Services,” in the Journal of Decision Systems and “An Integrated Structural Equation Model of eHealth Behavioral Intention” in the International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics.

Dr. George Krueger, associate professor of marketing, recently presented at the annual Marketing Management Association conference, where he shared “Teaching Marketing Management with a Simulation in an Active Classroom Case Study.”

“Each of these scholars, and others within the business school, are pushing the boundaries of knowledge within their respective disciplines,” said Hollingsworth. “It’s truly exciting to see the results of their work and the contributions that they’re making toward practice, scholarly thought and teaching. We talk about every day being a great day to be a Pioneer, and it is no doubt at least partly attributable to the fantastic work that these faculty are doing.”