Ullsvik Hall

Ullsvik Hall at night

Ullsvik Hall was originally constructed in 1959 as the university’s student center, and remained so until 2002 when the Markee Pioneer Student Center was built. Ullsvik underwent renovations that were completed in January 2008, and now houses a variety of university services, departments, classrooms, and the chancellor’s office. Hickory and Main coffee shop, the Nohr Art Gallery, and the Luce Center—a museum and regional research center—are also located in this building. Ullsvik Hall is named after Dr. Bjarne R. Ullsvik, who served as president/chancellor from 1958–75. Ullsvik coordinated the merger of Wisconsin State College at Platteville and the Wisconsin Institute of Technology, creating what is now known as UW-Platteville. Under his leadership, 22 major buildings were constructed, 38 academic majors were created, and enrollment rose from 1,300 to 5,000 students.