Caroline Creager, Biology Major

Caroline is a junior transfer student from Illinois Central College, and this is her first semester at UW-Platteville. Her major is in Biology and she is double-minoring in English and Applied Statistics. She likes writing for fun (nerd) and often you can catch her talking about pigs or some obscure disease she learned about. She gets really excited over research papers and is shameless about her creative writing projects--no matter how terrible they are. She wants to go on to work for the CDC but hey, let's see where that takes her.

Nick Kopitzke

This is Nick's third semester at the Writing Center. He is a fourth year college student, and this is his third year at UW-Platteville pursuing a degree in History Education. Despite a transfer and a major change, Nick is still enthusiastic about school (most days) and is excited to continue his studies and begin teaching high school history. Other interests of Nick's are basketball, music, and potatoes. Nick hopes that his broad experiences in engineering, the social sciences, music, teaching, and especially writing can help all kinds of students with their writing needs.

Anna Klimesh

Anna Klimesh is a junior studying Psychology. Her goal is to become a licensed therapist after earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She’s a huge fan of rock and metal music. In Anna’s free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, spending time with friends, and doing yoga. This is her first year as a Writing Center consultant. She especially looks forward to helping students with writing Psychology papers and using APA format.

Taylor Hedrington

This is Taylor’s first semester at the Writing Center. She is pursuing a triple degree in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Spanish (it’s not as crazy as it sounds). She is in her third year at UW-Platteville and enjoys the community it has offered her. In her free time, she enjoys being outside, singing, drinking coffee, and spending time with people. She’s looking forward to assisting students with their writing pieces.

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson is a junior pursuing majors in English literature and professional writing and minors in philosophy and creative writing. In her free time, she enjoys reading young adult novels and poetry, journaling, and watching TMG videos on YouTube.

Marissa Mueller

Marissa is a sophomore Instrumental Music Education Major from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. This is her first year working that the Writing Center and is very excited to help students with their writing. She is very passionate about anything saxophone related and enjoys drinking as much coffee as humanly possible, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and watching movies, specifically Lord of the Rings.

Ryan Teutschmann

Ryan is a senior in their fourth year at UW-Platteville. They are majoring in English with a double emphasis in Professional Writing and Literature, as well as minoring in Creative Writing. After graduating, Ryan plans to continue on to graduate school in an English field. In the far-distant future, Ryan wants to improve their writing and hopefully, maybe write a few books while continuing to work in English as an editor or professor.