Digital Learning Environment

At UW-Platteville, we combine a variety of digital tools in one teaching and learning space—the Digital Learning Environment (DLE). The Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, is the central online tool for managing course resources, quizzes and integrating other online applications, such as Kaltura for video, and Zoom for seamless virtual meetings. The DLE is where students and teachers can go to collaborate, engage, and communicate using a platform that is readily available using varied devices that have an Internet connection. 

We strive to create an environment that is inclusive and accessible to all students, regardless of ability and learning preferences and to provide a personalized learning experiences to help students reach their learning goals. Instructors also have access to analytics that support advising, readiness and learning assessment, feedback tools, and trigger communications. You can learn more at our parent constituent’s site, the University of Wisconsin System DLE.

Instructional Design and Video

Instructional Designers help faculty and course authors create engaging and interactive learning experiences using proven strategies for excellence in online teaching and learning. Designers work closely with course authors in all phases of course design, development, and revisions. Contact a designer today to discuss best practices in course development!

Instructional Support, Faculty Resources and Consultations

Whether you have questions about pedagogy, you are unsure of how to integrate technology into your classroom, or something is just not working the way you expected, the Teaching and Technology Center (TTC) can help you.  Our staff is highly trained and experienced, and we are ready to help you succeed no matter what your role is on campus.

The TTC offers several professional development options that can help instructors learn the skills needed for effective teaching. Training topics include course design, universal design, accessibility, active learning, and much more.  Training opportunities include self-paced, face-to-face, and online options. Additionally, TTC-sponsored learning communities offer great opportunities for collegiality and knowledge-sharing.

The scope of our services goes beyond instructional support. Our services are also available to campus organizations who want to use our digital learning environment to set up training modules or to provide a platform for group-wide communications.  To get you started, we can set up a sandbox course for you, point you toward appropriate Canvas resources, supply training if necessary, and offer design support as needed. Since our staff comes from such diverse backgrounds, we can examine your problems through the lens of multiple perspectives and help you achieve your goals.

Another service offered by the TTC is classroom observations. This service is available upon request, and it is conducted by a qualified professional. Upon completion of an observation, prompt feedback is provided; and support services can be arranged.

Classroom Audiovisual Support

The Instructional Technology Team provides faculty, staff, and students with the latest technologies to enhance teaching and learning by transforming lectures into interactive and engaging experiences for students. We partner with you to ensure instructional spaces meet your pedagogical needs and enhance instruction.

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Teaching & Technology Center

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