Material Fabrication and Nano Characterization Lab

nano lab

The Material Fabrication and Nano Characterization Lab is located in 122 Engineering Hall. The 2000-square-foot space is currently used both for undergraduate teaching and research. Major equipment in this lab includes:

  • Chemical fume hoods (2)
  • Laminar-flow clean bench
  • Point source deionized water system (Millipore Direct Q3)
  • Contact mask aligner (Canon PLA-501A)
  • Spin coater (CEE 100CB)
  • Vacuum oven (Isotemp Model 281A)
  • Dual target sputterer (Anantech Hummer 6.6)
  • Thermal evaporator (Edwards E306A with turbo pump)
  • Reactive ion etching system (Nordson MARCH, Model RIE-1701)
  • UV ozone cleaning system (Novascan PSD Pro-UV4)
  • Desktop microplotter (Sonoplot GIX)
  • Atomic force microscope with fluid cell and electrochemical cell (AsylumResearch MFP -3D-Bio)
  • Portable atomic force microscope (NanoSurf EasyScan)
  • Variable pressure scanning electron microscope (Hitachi SU1510) with EDX spectrometer (Bruker QUANTAX 100)
  • Electron-beam lithography system (J.C. Nabity NPGS interfaced with Hitachi SU1510 SEM)
  • Tube furnace for annealing and dry oxidation, 3" tube (Carbolite GHA 12/300)
  • Portable scanning electron microscope (Hitachi TM-1000)
  • Inverted optical microscope (Olymus IX71)
  • Optical microscope (Olympus BX-51 100X)
  • Cooled fluorescence microscopy camera (Qimaging EXi Blue)
  • Stylus profilometer (Dektak XT)
  • Dynamic MEMS profiler (Optopro 622)
  • UV-Vis spectrometer (Ocean Optics)
  • Contact angle goniometer (home built)

Material Fabrication

and Nano Characterization Lab