The Agribusiness program at UW-Platteville provides a curriculum that combines the study of business, marketing, and management practices, specifically related to agriculture. You will learn about farming, farm supply, marketing and processing, and the service sectors of agriculture, while preparing for employment with leading businesses in the agricultural industry.

Now is an exciting time to work in agribusiness, which offers diverse opportunities across three important sectors. The farming sector is highly dependent on the farm-related business sector that provides feed, seed, machinery, and many other inputs to farmers. The marketing and processing sectors purchases products from farmers and delivers these products to consumers. The service sector provides information, research, and education to the other sectors of agriculture.

In our innovative Agribusiness program, you will learn business, economic, and agricultural science theories; agribusiness management principles; economic principles and concepts; mathematical and quantitative tools of agribusiness management and analysis; and commodity and identity-based marketing practices. With a degree in agribusiness, you will be well-prepared for career success.

To learn more about the program, review the checksheets for the agribusiness major, minor, double major in agribusiness and animal science, and double major in agribusiness and dairy science