Dairy Industry Impact and Innovation - Faculty Fellowships (DI3 Faculty Fellowships)

The UW Dairy Innovation Hub is a $7.8 million per year investment by the State of Wisconsin to build a world-class talent pool and enable bold discoveries to ensure that Wisconsin’s dairy farmers, processors, and related agribusinesses will be at the global forefront in producing nutritious dairy products in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable manner. The work of the Dairy Innovation Hub focuses on four priority areas. More information can be found at the current DIH website (https://dairyinnovationhub.wisc.edu/). The deadline for submission of proposals is March 4, 2022. Submit complete applications to Tera Montgomery (montgomeryt@uwplatt.edu). Funding decisions will be made by members of the UW-Platteville Dairy Innovation Hub Steering Committee and the DIH Advisory Councils.

Research projects must link to at least one of the following focus areas:

  • Steward Land and Water Resources
  • Enrich Human Health and Nutrition
  • Ensure Animal health and Welfare
  • Grow Farm Businesses and Communities

Dairy Industry Impact and Innovation (DI3) Faculty Fellowships will utilize funding available beginning July 1, 2022 (FY23-24). The intent of this program is to increase research capacity at UW-Platteville by providing current faculty time and support funds to conduct research in alignment with the Dairy Innovation Hub priorities and goals. Two-year proposals of $10,000 to $50,000 will be considered.

Fellowship Guidelines

Research time may come in the form of reassigned time from current teaching duties and/or summer salary. Faculty may request up to:

  1. 25% reassigned time (with written approval for teaching backfill)
  2. One month summer salary for each faculty member involved per year
    •  Total summer salary from all sources cannot exceed the 2/9 summer salary policy
  3. $12,000 in annual supplies, equipment, conference and travel support (for a total of $24,000)
  4. Annual student salary up to $4,000 (for a total of $8,000)
    •  Applicants are encouraged to apply to the Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program for the potential to leverage funding
    •  Due date is Feb. 18, 2022 at 5 p.m
    •  Applicants are also encouraged to consider how to involve capstone projects across campus, such as Senior Design projects in engineering, mathematics, and science


Award timeframe – Two years with the possibility of renewal. Bi-annual progress reports will be required and reviewed for satisfactory results to justify continued funding.

Decisions will be announced by April 8, 2022.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Justification for fit to at least one Dairy Innovation Hub Priority area (20%)
  2. Description of the tangible outputs to end users (25%)
  3. Description of how the project is relevant to, and will have a strong impact on, the Wisconsin dairy community (25%)
  4. Involvement of undergraduate students (20%)
  5. Illustration of collaboration across campus (10%)

To allow for the greatest opportunity for funding across the university, faculty should limit themselves to involvement in one proposal. Previous Dairy Innovation Hub funding will be considered during review of the proposals so that a greater number of faculty will have the opportunity for this research funding. Faculty who have not followed the guidelines laid out for the DI3 Faculty Fellowships will likely not be eligible for funding in subsequent years.

Scores will not be provided back to PIs; however, synthesis feedback on proposal will be provided with decision letter.

If you have questions regarding appropriateness or fit of a proposed item to this call, please contact Tera Montgomery at montgomeryt@uwplatt.edu or 608.342.6027.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, please contact Tera Montgomery.

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