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Human Resources encompasses these areas:  Affirmative Action, Benefits, Customer Service, Employee Relations, Payroll, Professional Development, Risk Management and Talent Management.  We are located in 2300 Ullsvik Hall; navigate to the Contact/Staff page for more assistance.

Human Resources mission statement

Human Resources serves, supports, and provides consistent, fair and ethical leadership to all employees of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  Human Resources serves as an ambassador of the University, advocates value for all employees, and encourages personal and professional development in support of a diverse global community.

Human Resources collaborates with the entire university community, committed to the development of a culturally competent and diverse workforce, to meet the evolving trends valued in an inclusive workplace.  Further, Human Resources strives to foster a campus environment that promotes mutual respect, trust and transparency. 

Benefits - Tricia Reuter, Ext. 5141

- Affordable Care Act [ACA] Compliance
- Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA]
- Benefit Informational Training Sessions
- Benefit Support - LIfecyle of the Employee [New Employee, Life-cycle, Retirement]
- COBRA Administration/Monitoring
- Coordination with Payroll
- Counseling
- Fit for Duty
- Insurance [Health, Life, Dental, Disability, Eye, Voluntary Options]
- Monthly Insurance Enrollments
- Return to Work
- Wellness/Wellness Fair [10,000 Steps Challenge]

Benefits Page

Benefits Frequently Asked Questions:
Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited Appointees (FASL)
University Staff

Customer Service - Lara Daentl, Ext. 5149

- Customer Service: telephone and in-person
- Employee Contracts/Track New Employees
- New Employee Information
- Face-to-Face I-9 Confirmation
- Order Department Supplies
- Paper Check Log and Distribution
- Filing/Scanning for Electronic Filing
- Proof Contracts
- New Employee Support [Kiosks]
- Form Development
- Organize Staff Meetings/Department Functions
- Department Support
- Schedule Conference Room

General Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Relations - Christine Buswell, Ext. 1176

- Departmental Operations
- Discipline Support and Guidance
- Employee Investigations
- Immigration
- Supervisor Support
- Title IX Investigations

Payroll - Hollie Moore, Ext. 5147, Tanya Lux, Ext. 5148

- 403[b] and 457[b]
- Charitable Organizations
- Deductions [Garnishments and Mandated, etc.]
- Employee Training
- Family Medical Leave Act [FMLA]
- International
- Leave Report Training [Family Medical Leave, Military Leave, Sabbatical]
- Monitoring - Error Corrections
- New Employee Time and Absence Training
- Payment to Individual [PIR] Processing
- Payroll Functions
- Request for Additional Payments
- Return to Work and Fit for Duty
- Supervisor and Manager Training for Time and Attendance
- Taxes [W4's]
- Telephone Employment Verifications
- University Staff and Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Employees (FASL) Payroll
- Worker's Compensation

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Development - Jane B. Laufenberg, Ext. 5143

- Cultural Competency Hiring
- Discipline Process - Just Culture
- Diversity and Inclusivity
- Emergency Management [Risk Management]
- Employee Assistance - LifeMatters
- Harassment
- Human Resource System [HRS] - System Use
- Leadership Academy
- New Employee Orientation [NEO]
- Performance Management [Reviews]
- Personnel Records Review
- Professional and Organizational Development
- Safety in the Workplace [Back, Trips and Falls, OSHA, etc.]
- Supervisory
- Title IX
- University Resource Fair
- Violence Against Women Act [VAWA]
- Web Page Updates
- Worker's Compensation - Red Flags

Professional Development Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Development page

Risk Management - Jesse Decker, Ext. 1188

- Driver's Authorizations
- Claims Processing [Liability, Property]
- Regulatory Consultation, Reporting, Oversight
- Certificates of Coverage
- Affiliation Agreements
- Workers Compensation Investigation
- Policy Development
- Risk Analyses, Assessments, Recommendations
- Insurance Acquisition
- Loss Control
- Trainings

- Program and Policy Development
- Regulatory Compliance, Reporting, Consultation, Oversight
- Trainings
- Inspections
- Ergonomic Assessments
- Suspected Materials Analyses

- Waste Management [Hazardous, Universal]
- Regulatory Compliance, Reporting, Consultation, Oversight
- Trainings

Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions

Risk Management Webpage

Strategic Planning - Janelle A. Crowley, Ext. 1176

- Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA]
- Affirmative Action
- Benefits
- Compliance
- Department Budget
- Exit Interviews
- Operations
- Payroll
- Planning
- Policies
- Separation of Duties
- Talent Management
- Training and Development

Talent Management - Catherine Kutka, Ext. 5142, Linda Klein, Ext. 5146,
                                 Chad Wilson, Ext. 5144

- Advertising/Search Firm Contracts [if applicable]
- Affirmative Action
- Background Checks
- Committee Search Oversight
- Credentialing
- Department and Division Recruitment
- Employee Introduction to Department
- Employee Recognition
- National and International Searches
- New Employee Checklist [On-Boarding]
- Off-Boarding
- Pioneer Administrative Software System (PASS)
- Search Chair Training
- Workforce Planning


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