Organizational Change Leadership graduate ushers in change thanks to accelerated program

Jonathan Yancy

Change is always constant. For most people this statement rings true, but it’s a way of life for Jonathan Yancy. While many simply accept and react to change, Yancy is one who optimizes it – channeling change into progress on a daily basis.

Yancy accomplishes this goal as a change consultant at Baker Tilly, an international accounting and consultancy firm. Based at Baker Tilly’s Madison branch in Wisconsin, Yancy oversees the development of change management strategies for the firm’s many clients. Specifically, he helps address each organization’s goals by implementing and managing a variety of activities, including stakeholder analysis, readiness assessments, and specific trainings. 

Helping companies reach their desired change structures understandably requires many steps and in-depth knowledge of change management. To prepare for these important pursuits and better practice the required principles, Yancy enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 2019. 

“What led me to UW-Platteville online for my degree was a conversation I had with Dr. Caryn Stanley, who introduced me to the change management discipline,” said Yancy. “Once I understood more about change management and how vital it has become in organizations today, I became more interested in the online program.”

An additional draw for Yancy was UW-Platteville’s Accelerated Bachelor to Master’s Program, which allows students to work on their undergraduate and graduate degrees simultaneously, effectively cutting down the time to earn both. Stanley, a professor and program coordinator of the Organizational Change Leadership program, introduced Yancy to the accelerated option during his last semester as an undergraduate. A little under two years later, he graduated with his master’s degree in OCL in spring 2021.

“The accelerated program was extremely cost-effective and allowed me to continuously work full time while pursuing my degree,” said Yancy. “There aren’t many programs that allow you to simultaneously pursue your undergraduate and master’s degree, so that by itself was pretty unique. Plus, I knew I’d still get that world-class experience from an online platform.”

This world-class experience came to Yancy in the form of meeting with several different change leaders, who offered their own experiences and thoughts on effective organizational change while he worked toward his degree. 

“I was fortunate to work with diverse leaders from many different industries, such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and law enforcement,” said Yancy. “It was interesting to learn how they view change and how they execute change effectively in their organization. As a result, I was able to tap into their ideology and take that back to my work and see how I could use that effectively.”

Moving forward, Yancy is applying this new knowledge every day at Baker Tilly, helping his clients achieve their desired outcomes through detailed transitions and transformations. Eventually, he hopes to serve in an executive role that oversees all change management activities. That goal may still be a ways off, but just like with the nature of his work, Yancy knows everything changes with time – and change, when handled correctly, is just another word for progress. As proof of this fact, one needs to look no further than his status as a recent, and accomplished, college graduate. 

“I believe this degree will help me achieve my future goals,” said Yancy. “It’s provided me with the appropriate skills and knowledge needed to be successful in my profession. Platteville also provided an inclusive environment to help me grow both personally and professionally, and I appreciate how well they prepare students for life after college.”

UW-Platteville’s Accelerated Bachelor to Master’s Program launched in 2020, and offers an accelerated option for earning both a completed undergraduate and graduate degree in as little as five years. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions with questions at or visit the official website for additional information. Current students can contact their advisor to see if this option is right for them.