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Virtual peer learning

Authored on: Jun 06, 2020, Written by: Author:  Deborah Laurel | Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, The Peer Learning Institute 
Instructor, UW-Platteville Peer Learning Workshops
Although virtual teams and collaboration have been in practice in recent years as an extension and addition to traditional work processes, the recent pandemic has turned auxiliary virtual into a permanent feature of how we live and work. Learning and professional development are no exception.

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The Business Process Re-Engineering Opportunity 

Authored on: Jun 06, 2020, Written by: Mary Bjustrom | Process Re-Engineering Manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (retired) 
Instructor, UW-Platteville Business Re-Engineering Workshop
Methodology and guidance have significantly evolved since MIT Professor Michael Hammer published his first business process re-engineering article in the July-August, 1990, Harvard Business Review.

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CliftonStrengths® to improve remote team performance 

Authored on: Jun 06, 2020, Written by: Bill Holder, PE | Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
I’m inspired by the people around me that are using their CliftonStrengths to pull their remote teams together and do great work. I want to share a few examples in the hope that they inspire you and your team.