$1,000 scholarship guarantee to all Baraboo Sauk County new first-year students 

Baraboo Sauk County campus

The Friends of the Campus BaraBOOST scholarship covers 18% of in-state tuition for every new full-time freshman 

Every incoming full-time freshman student is now guaranteed a $1,000 scholarship at UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County, thanks to the Friends of the Campus, the organization that has long raised and dispersed scholarship funds for the Baraboo Sauk County campus students. All students who fill out a simple application are now assured of at least a $1,000 scholarship during their first year; a scholarship program that the Friends are calling the BaraBOOST, according to Executive Director Jim Kieffer.    

"These are challenging times, with a lot of pressures on students and their families, so we wanted to offer a specific, guaranteed commitment to Baraboo Sauk County students. We’re grateful to our many donors and other supporters for making that possible," said Kieffer.  

The BaraBOOST will help make planning easier for students and should be a real difference-maker in the decision to attend college, according to UW-Platteville’s assistant provost for its branch campuses, Dr. Mike Compton.  

“Baraboo Sauk County was already the best campus in this part of Wisconsin to start toward a bachelor’s degree, and this guarantee makes it an even better value,” said Compton. “By covering close to 20% of the first year’s tuition and fees, which were already among the very lowest-cost UW credits in the System, the Friends have given our students a big leg up.”    

Friends of the Campus was formed in 1973 to help advance the mission of UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, now UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County. It awards scores of unique scholarships each year and supports the campus and its students in other ways, such as funding research and engagement opportunities.   

The guarantee from the BaraBOOST starts right away and is available to students currently signed up for their first year, as well as any additional who enroll before the start of the fall semester.  

“There are lots of great new associate degree programs at the campus, as well as the foundational general education courses needed for nearly any bachelor’s degree. We really want students to take advantage of the Friends guarantee,” said Compton.    

Students looking to learn more should start at www.uwplatt.edu/visit and connect with the admissions office.      

All students enrolling in classes as a new freshman will be directed to the online scholarship application, and each student will then be connected to the scholarship programs that best fit their goals and achievements. The $1,000 from the BaraBOOST is a floor, and doesn’t mean students aren’t eligible for other grants the Friends offer, said Kieffer.  

“Students continue to be eligible for other scholarships, and we want as many students as possible to apply,” he added.   

Every newly enrolled student can apply whenever they decide to attend. 

“We’ll make sure each student takes advantage of the ‘BaraBOOST’ the Friends are offering,” said Compton.  

More information about the BaraBOOST and other scholarships is at go.uwplatt.edu/bscscholarships.