The University of Wisconsin-Platteville College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science is bringing real-world engineering projects to students, faculty, and the public through the Engineering Seminar Series. Free and open to the public, the series will highlight engineering projects and insight from top experts in the field. Attendees are eligible for one professional development hour.

“Through a wide range of topics, we believe the Engineering Seminar Series aligns well with UW-Platteville’s mission: empower each student to become broader in perspective, intellectually more astute, and contribute wisely to our community,” said Dr. Danny Xiao, Assistant Professor of civil engineering at UW-Platteville and an organizer of the event. “It also provides a networking opportunity for attendees.”

“We are so grateful to all speakers, many of whom are alumni, who either provide sponsorship to the seminar series or give presentations free of charge,” said Xiao. “Even more, many of them have traveled several hours to Platteville at their own cost. It is this ‘pay it forward’ spirit that motivates us to keep offering the Engineering Seminar Series free to the public.”

Contact Information

Dr. Danny Xiao
Assistant Professor of civil engineering

Megan McCarthy
Corporate Relations

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Debbie Albert, presenter EMS Engineering Seminar Series
Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Debbie Albert, P.E., PTOE
Associate Research Engineer
Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Traffic Management for Super Bowl

Adam Dempsey, presenter EMS Engineering Seminar Series
Marquette University

Dr. Adam Dempsey
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Marquette University

Fuel Flexible Mixing-Controlled Combustion System for Heavy-Duty Engines Using Low Carbon

Paul Crocker, presenter EMS Engineering Seminar Series
Ayers Associates Inc.

Paul Crocker
Program Manager for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Ayres Associates Inc.

Going Above and Beyond Traditional Survey: Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Civil Engineering

John Obielodan, presenter EMS Engineering Seminar Series

Dr. John Obielodan
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Novel Materials and Product Development through 3D Printing

Michael Heikens, presenter EMS Engineering Seminar Series
Electrical Consultants, Inc

Michael Heikens
Director of Transmission Engineering
Electrical Consultants, Inc.

Power On: Interconnecting the Edwards & Sanborn Solar Facility

Dave Evertt, presenter EMS Engineering Seminar Series
Spectrum Brands

Dave Everett
Division Vice President
Spectrum Brands

Innovation from Engineers’ Perspective

Speaking and Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Would you like to give a presentation on your area of expertise? Please consider this invitation to you – or someone you would recommend – for the UW-Platteville Engineering Seminar Series.

    PURPOSE: The Engineering Seminar Series has three purposes:

    1. Reach out and connect with professionals in Southwest Wisconsin and the tri-state region.
    2. Provide Professional Development Hour (PDH) opportunities for professional engineers in our region and our faculties.
    3. Expose students to professional development and the latest development in the industry.

    All seminars are free and open to the public. Attendees are also eligible for one PDH.

    DESCRIPTION: Similar but slightly different from class guest lectures, topics in the Engineering Seminar Series are similar to presentations in professional conferences which are intended for peers and practicing engineers. Each seminar attracts about 50 attendees: UW-Platteville senior students, several faculty, and professionals from the region. Most attendees hold degrees or are majoring in civil engineering, but other engineering fields, as well as the general public, have also shown interest in certain topics.

    TOPICS: All topics are welcome, such as project showcase, latest technology, and research results. However, the topic has to be technical with engineering applications to be eligible as a PDH.

  • Your donation of $250 provides you with a one-hour speaking opportunity, in addition to:

    • Opportunity to get in front of students, faculty, staff, and community members to speak for one-hour on a topic of your choice, that is approved by UW-Platteville.
    • Opportunity to have a breakout room for further conversations and engagement before or following the event.
    • Opportunity to send swag, hand-outs, or informational material.
    • Logo on a series poster displayed both electronically and around campus.
    • Spotlight in various university social media spotlights, including Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • Event promotion via digital signage and email targeting UW-Platteville civil engineering students (informing them that attendees are eligible for one PDH at no charge).

    If you're interested in a speaking sponsorship, contact Megan McCarthy at