New Student Registration (NSR) is an important part of your transition to becoming a UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County student. We want to ensure that by the time you start classes in the fall, you are:

  • Registered and excited for your fall semester courses
  • Familiar with all the resources your campus has to offer
  • Connected to members of your campus community, including other incoming students and faculty and staff

Learn more about each part of your student experience below.

NSR 2020 Canvas course

We will be using a course in Canvas to share important information with you about campus resources and policies and to make sure you’re prepared to register for classes. Many of the modules in this course are required for you to be able to meet with your advisor. Also, as this is the digital learning environment you’ll be using in the fall, this will give you a head start on becoming familiar with taking quizzes, reviewing content, viewing your grades, and more.

If you’re currently enrolled in the class, go check it out! We’re updating it with content all the time. If you’re not currently enrolled, be sure to check your email for a communication titled “Congratulations! You are officially a UW-Platteville student.”

Your Success Team

You will be assigned a personalized Success Team to guide you through your NSR experience. The members of your Success Team will be reaching out to keep you on track during the summer and can help you get answers to your questions.

Your Success Team starts with your Key Three:

  • Peer Mentor: A current student who will help you connect with new students and tell you all about what being a UW-Platteville student is like.
  • Academic Advisor: Your main resource for questions about your class schedule and registration.
  • New Student Guide: Your one-stop-shop for any questions you have about New Student Registration or UW-Platteville.

You may also be involved with other programs on campus and will have additional Success Team members from those programs who are ready to help you.

Registering for Classes

Registering for classes is an exciting experience, but it’s also an important one. During your Virtual NSR experience this summer, you will work with an advisor to review general education and major requirements and placements scores. You will then receive a PIN that will allow you to register for your fall classes.

You will have a similar experience each semester as you progress through your degree program. All students must meet with an advisor for registration each semester.

To make sure you’re ready to meet with your advisor this summer, you’ll need to complete all the required steps, including taking your placement tests and completing the required modules in the Canvas course. Your New Student Guide can help you keep track of which steps you’ve completed and how to keep moving forward.

Once all those steps are completed, you’ll be able to schedule your advising appointment. Please wait for an email in your campus email account inviting you to schedule an appointment with your advisor. You will receive an email from your advisor inviting you to schedule your appointment only when you are eligible. More information about how to schedule that appointment will be provided at that time.


Throughout the summer, you can participate in different live events to ask questions, meet people, and get to know UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County. These include “Ask the Experts” and Registrar Open House sessions with faculty and staff. Click on “See Events” to register.

See Events



We know that seems like a lot of stuff to keep track of! That’s why we’ve created this checklist of everything you’ll need to do, start to finish, to have a great NSR experience and be ready to go for fall semester.

Sign Up for NSR
NSR Sign Up
Placement Testing
Placement Testing
Parents Information
Parent Information
Student Experience
Student Experience
Student Experience
Student Experience
Accommodations Request