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Estimated Expenses 

Full-time International Undergraduate Student (2014-2015)

Academic year tuition & fees* $15,095
On campus housing & meals* $8,810
Mandatory health insurance $1,224
International student fee $100
Academic Year Total* $25,229

Estimated Summer Expenses (Summer school enrollment is optional)

Summer school tuition (8 credits)*  $4,664
Summer on campus housing * $1,800
Meals, health insurance, personal expenses* $1,500 
Summer Total*  $7,964
*The above figures represent estimated expenses. Actual charges for tuition, fees, housing and meals are established annually, in August.
**Personal and academic expenses include academic supplies, clothing, travel, and entertainment.

Students must present documentation of ability to meet all financial obligations for the duration of their study at UW-Platteville. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville encourages students to pay tuition, fees, housing and food costs in full at the beginning of each semester to avoid finance charges and/or late fees. For more complete details, visit UW-Platteville Financial Verification.

tuition remission

UW-Platteville offers a tuition remission to full-time undergraduate international students. It is necessary for students to complete an apply to receive the tuition remission. The maximum award is $5,000 per year ($2,500 per semester). A student may receive the tuition remission for up to eight academic semesters, provided that they reapply prior to each semester. To continue receiving the tuition remission after the first semester, students must be full-time, make good academic progress, maintain good academic standing (above a 2.0 GPA), and demonstrate involvement in a variety of campus activities and leadership opportunities each semester. More details about the eligibility criteria for receiving this tuition waiver after the student's first semester can be requested by emailing

To apply:

Applications for tuition remission will be reviewed upon receipt with a decision communicated to the applicant within 10 days.

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