Online Master in Distance Education Leadership

The Online Master of Science in Distance Education Leadership program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
Aspire to more advanced administrative positions within the burgeoning distance education field.

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Lead the future of distance education

The Master of Science in Distance Education Leadership online degree program is designed for professionals who desire the knowledge and skills to provide the best in distance/online education administration and eLearning. This program prepares you to pursue more advanced administrative and management positions within the burgeoning distance education and training field.

Your success is at the core of curriculum
As a student of the program you’ll benefit from distance education leadership online courses such as:

  • Introduction to Distance Education Leadership
  • Research, Assessment, and Analytics in eLearning
  • Critical Issues in Virtual Education
  • Virtual Educational and Instructional Technology

Each course is designed to reflect the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field, preparing you for success as an online educator. You’ll participate in a hands-on, interactive curriculum that provides the practice you need to perform in real-world teaching virtual education environments.

Make your distance education leadership degree your own with a tailored program
Round out your distance education degree online by choosing a career-specific emphasis in General Management, Higher Education, Leadership of Teaching and Learning, eLearning Administration, and Corporate Training. Required courses for these emphasis areas include:

  • General Management
    • Virtual Team and Project Management, Critical Issues in Virtual Education, and more
  •  Higher Education
    • Academic Administration in the Virtual Environment, Operations Administration in the Virtual World, and more
  • Leadership of Teaching and Learning
    • Teaching and Learning at a Distance, eLearning Program Administration, and more
  • eLearning Administration
    • Virtual Educational and Instructional Technology, Online Course Design and Management, and more
  • Corporate Training
    • Advanced Finance with Virtual Education, Organizational Development, and more

Learn from our distance education leadership faculty
The faculty at UW-Platteville are distance education leaders who bring their professional experience to the classroom. The backgrounds of the Distance Education Leadership instructors span across academic areas and industries that include educational leadership, e-learning administration, instructional design, systems analysis, consulting, as well as training and development.

Flexibility, credibility sets UW-Platteville Online apart

  • 100% online courses with mixed modality delivery*
  • 30-33 credits to earn degree
  • Take up to seven years to complete your distance education leadership degree
  • No GRE or GMAT required
  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

*Some courses may require participation at scheduled times.

Program Information

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