University services introduce YOU at UW-Platteville

Fall campus

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Dean of Students Office and University Counseling Services are rolling out a new initiative for students called YOU at UW-Platteville.

YOU is an online well-being platform, offering 24/7 access and support while maintaining privacy and anonymity. The portal is personalized so that it will adapt to changing student experiences, such as stressors, needs and lifestyle. Its goal is to help students succeed in academics and career readiness, thrive in areas of personal wellness and get students motivated and involved. In each of these core areas, users can take confidential questionnaires to assess their current strengths and challenges. Then, the system delivers on-campus resources, wellness tips, modules and other helpful tools based on individual needs.

"YOU at UW-Platteville will be a great addition for our campus community to utilize," said Rya Adler, coordinator for student case management at UW-Platteville. "It is a confidential space for students to check in with themselves, work on personal and academic goals and explore digital and on-campus resources that can help students achieve overall success. This platform has a lot to offer, especially a wide variety of tips and coping strategies to help students manage stress and anxiety."

In addition to being available to current UW-Platteville students, YOU at UW-Platteville is also available to incoming students who have campus credentials. This allows incoming students to log onto YOU to create a profile, even before they get to campus, so that they can learn about transition resources, intramural sports, volunteer opportunities and more.

According to YOU at COLLEGE, YOU is as intuitive and informative as social media and normalizes and personalizes well-being for each user through timely content, skill-building tools, student posts, campus resources and more. For more information about YOU and to sign up, visit