Pioneer Spotlight: Nicole Ryan

Nicole Ryan

Nicole Ryan, a University of Wisconsin-Platteville senior regional admission advisor connects prospective students to the university. Prior to joining UW-Platteville, Ryan worked as a writer/editor and educator.

“The most rewarding part of my job is helping students find their just right fit at UW-Platteville,” she said.

Ryan is also passionate about reaching out to members of the military, veterans and non-traditional students. “I am proud to be the spouse of a retired Navy veteran and have many family members who have served in the military,” she said. “I know how difficult a military life can be. I think it’s incredibly important to support these military members and their families.”

When Ryan is not on campus, she enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling to new places.

What are students most excited about when discussing their futures as potential Pioneers?

They are usually most excited about the programs we offer; the opportunities they’ll have on campus to get involved in academics, social clubs and organizations.

Due to health concerns caused by COVID-19, UW-Platteville has cancelled on- and off -campus visits. How has the Office of Admission adapted to these changes?

Our team was able to put together virtual information sessions very quickly and get it on our website. Our visit coordinator was able to quickly transition to virtual visit registration so students could register for visits in a similar way as before the outbreak. We also put our viewbooks online in pdf format. Each advisor set up Book Me links so students could schedule one-on-one phone calls or Zoom meetings.

How did your interest in the area of college admission begin?

I was a non-traditional student myself who spent more time than most in college trying to complete my degree. I also worked at my alma mater while I was taking additional classes later on. I became a teacher and did that for a while. Then I ended up doing academic advising at a university. I really enjoyed working with adults. Working in college admissions allows me to work with young people and encourage them to follow their academic pursuits.

You work with military families and groups. Can you share the initiatives you are involved with and why it’s important to connect with military families and veterans?

I do regular presentations at Great Lakes Naval Base for sailors who are transitioning to civilian life and want to continue their education. I’m working with other people on campus on specific recruitment strategies for military and non-traditional students. We’re hoping to reach out to these students more and help them with their pathway to UW-Platteville.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments during your time at UW-Platteville?

Maintaining strong enrollment numbers during the pandemic. It has been challenging to say the least, but I feel like our team has done a great job staying connected to our students and reassuring them during this time.