Homecoming 2022  |  Oct. 9–15

Plan on join us for Homecoming 2022! While we are still in the planning stages for individual events, we know the week will be filled with traditional student activities, alumni reunions (planned and unplanned), athletics, and Pioneer spirit. So mark your calendar and check back as we get closer to October.

Plans are subject to change, based on health and safety measures that may be in place at the time of the event. 

Homecoming Events

Join us to continue the Homecoming tradition that began in 1924.

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  • Information for Homecoming

    Join us for the annual Homecoming parade! The parade starts at Main Street and runs between Hickory Street and Virgin Avenue.

    Be Part of the Parade

    If you'd like to join the parade, complete the parade registration form.

    Check-in starts at 9 a.m. on Jay Street. You should be checked-in by 9:30 a.m. Volunteers at check-in will lead all entries to the appropriate lot and call on you when it is time to proceed to the parade route.

    The parade will go on, rain or shine and will only be canceled in the case of lightning or a tornado.

    Parade Rules

    Violations of the parade rules will prohibit any participation in future Homecoming parades.
    1. Entrants are allowed to provide walkers alongside the entry to hand out candy, coupons, or flyers.
    2. Parade officials will inspect all entries and reserve the right to eliminate any entry that is in violation of these rules.
    3. Jay Street (between Southwest Road and Irene Street), Irene Street (between Jay Street and Hickory Street), and Hickory Street (between Irene Street and Main Street) will be for registration, float queuing, marching bands, and other parade participants.
    4. All entries must have clear signage.
    5. Once an entry has started along the parade route, no additional persons may board the float.
    6. Float entries may not exit the parade route prior to the end of the parade.
    7. Alcohol is not allowed.
    8. No political or advocacy propaganda is allowed.
    9. Cover all open wheels for safety.
    10. Portable generators should be mounted securely with adequate clearance separating any part of the generator from combustible fabrics or decorating materials.
    11. It is recommended that one fire extinguisher be located near each generator.
    12. Changes in the parade line-up the day of the parade will be at the discretion of the parade officials.

    Parade Policies

    1. Float height is not to exceed of local power lines, width is not to exceed the width of Main Street, and the length is unlimited, but must be able to turn corners, as well as have a reasonable amount of maneuverability.
    2. No open or closed containers of alcohol will be allowed while in the parade line up or during the parade. State and local alcohol policies will be enforced.
    3. No one will be allowed to throw any object(s) from a moving vehicle. Items, including candy and beads, must be handed out to the parade audience.

    Platteville City Ordinance

    41.07 parades
    (10) Public conduct during parade (a) Interference. No person shall unreasonably hamper, obstruct, impede, or interfere with any parade or parade assembly or with any person, vehicle, or animal participating or used in the parade, nor shall any other organization or group of persons not listed in the application for a parade permit participate in the parade. (b) No person shall throw or shoot any object from a motor vehicle in the City of Platteville. This includes candy, beads, etc. Those items can be handed out by walking participants.