Women’s and Gender studies Minor (24 credits)

Requirements include WOMSTD 1130 Introduction to Women’s
Studies 3 cr and at least one course from each of the following

Group One: Social Science (3 credits)
WOMSTD 2230 Women, Sex Roles and Society 3 cr
WOMSTD 2530 Psychology and Women 3 cr
WOMSTD 2730 Women in Science and Engineering 3 cr
WOMSTD 3340 Management, Gender, and Race 3 cr
WOMSTD 3630 Ethnic and Gender Equity in Education 3 cr
WOMSTD 3730 Women and the Law 3 cr
WOMSTD 4130 Space, Place, and Gender 3 cr

Group Two: Humanities, Fine Arts, Historical Perspective (3 credits)
WOMSTD 2830 Survey of Women Writers 3 cr
WOMSTD 2930 Minority Women Writers of the U.S. 3 cr
WOMSTD 3430 Women and the Arts 3 cr
WOMSTD 3520 American Women’s History 3 cr
WOMSTD 3530 Philosophy’s Feminist Future: From Powerism to Personalism 3 cr
WOMSTD 3700 Women in European Civilization 3 cr
WOMSTD 4500 Women and Mythology: Goddess, Witch, Sibyl 3 cr
ENGLISH 2780 Race and Gender in American Film 3 cr

Group Three: Advanced Women’s Studies (3 credits)
WOMSTD 4660 Cooperative Field Experience 3 cr
WOMSTD 4730 Individual Research in Women’s Studies 3 cr

Certificate in Gay and Lesbian Studies (15 credits)

The certificate in Gay and Lesbian Studies is a 15-credit program.
Students must pass the following courses in order to receive the

ENGLISH/WOMGENDR 2150 Introduction to Gay Studies 3 cr
ENGLISH/WOMGENDR 3110 Gay and Lesbian Literature for Young Adults 3 cr
ENGLISH/WOMGENDR 3280 Gay and Lesbian Literature 3 cr
MEDIA/WOMGENDR 3200 Gender and Popular Culture 3 cr
WOMGENDR 4730 Individual Research in Women’s Studies 3 cr

The topic for WOMGENDR 4730 must be related to gay, lesbian,
bisexual and/or transgender issues and must be approved by the
coordinator of gay and lesbian studies.

Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate (15 credits)

The basic program consists of an interdisciplinary sequence of courses leading to a certificate in women’s and gender studies and a special notation on the transcript. Students enrolled in the  certificate  program  are required  to  complete  15  credits  of coursework in women’s and gender studies, including Women’s Studies 1130 Introduction to Women’s Studies, and one 3000 or 4000 level course in women’s and gender studies that may include the internship or research project. All women’s and gender studies courses, including those that are cross-listed under the UW-Platteville Women’s and Gender Studies Program and the co sponsoring departments, can be used to satisfy the requirements of the certificate program. This curriculum provides a model for students wishing to design individualized course sequences that support their personal and educational goals. Students interested in the certificate program should consult the director of women’s and gender studies.

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