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Wilgus Hall, named after James A. Wilgus and built in 1963, accommodates approximately 60 men and 170 women. Wilgus is located on the corner of Greewood Avenue and College Drive. Wilgus Hall was an all-women’s residence hall but it became co-ed for the 2017-2018 school year.  Each floor features a kitchenette and lounge area for the convenience of its residents. Wilgus hall has a newly renovated basement with study rooms, a computer room, laundry facility, ice machine, and offers The Lynn Collins Conference Room that features a TV and a kitchen in a large meeting and dining area.  The conference area is well utilized throughout the year by many organizations on campus.

Wilgus Hall sponsors an annual Women’s Weekend and partners with McGregor Hall to do one of the first all-hall programs of the year. Wilgus Hall is also home to the Women's Wellness library and Interest Community.


From the Desk of the Resident Director

Hello Wilgus Residents!

Well it is official: the school year has started! Make sure to take advantaage of all the great programs coming your way this year. We have plenty of opportunities for involvement coming up in the coming weeks in the hall.

• Friday Night Club (FNC): The Department of Residence Life sponsors a different event every Friday Night. The first one is September 8th, Flannel Flapajcks with Morrow and Dobson Halls. Southwest will then be sponsoring the FNC on September 15th, Snazzy Ball; an awesome night of dressing sharp and playing volleyball down by the Circle Halls.

• Homecoming: Homecoming is right around the corner! It is a fabulous way to get involved and show both hall spirit as well as school spirit! Wilgus Hall will be participating in several Homecoming events over the course of the week and we are still looking for people to join in on the fun. More information to come.

• Hall Involvement Team: Ready to get involved in the hall? Wilgus' Hall Involvement Team is holding elections for our eboard September 18th. If interested in being on the e-board please stop by our information session, Thursday, September 7th at 7 p.m. or stop by my office.

As we begin a new year it is also very important to keep safety in mind. Please be smart with your decisions and make sure you are keeping yourself safe. UW-Platteville has several great programs already in place to ensure safety of our students. Take a moment and add the Safe Walk number into your phone. This number is 608.348.2313 and is dispatched through the Platteville Police Department. Another great way to avoid walking alone is by utilizing the campus shuttle. Safety doesn’t stop when you return to the building though, be sure to be locking your doors while sleeping or making sure your suite door is shut while you or your roommate is out of the suite.  Be sure to have a conversation with your friends about how to be safe when out and about on campus. Lastly, please be sure to consult a staff member when anything seems suspicious or out of the ordinary. It is important that we all work together to make UW-Platteville a safe space!

I look forward to getting to know everyone in the building this upcoming year! Feel free to stop by my office for questions, concerns, comments, or just to chat. Enjoy the month and get involved!

Melissa Stoner
Wilgus Hall, Resident Director




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