Training and Access to Website CMS

The Web Development Office provides a broad array of support options for all things web-related.

Training and Access to Web CMS

Are you a new content steward who needs to be trained so that you can be granted access to the web content management system (CMS) to add/edit web pages to your department's content section? Or do you need additional training? Contact us to arrange a training session and/or credentials to log in to our CMS as a content steward.

Content Updates

Whether you're responsible for a department's web content, a student organization's web content, or a personal website, the Web Development group is standing by to assist you. We will provide you with technical support and training to enable you to update your web content yourself, or, if you prefer, we will happily update your web content for you. See the tips on this page for more information, and contact us when you're ready to get to work.

Design and Redesign

The Web Development group will work with you to design, or redesign, your web content—for departments, organizations, and personal needs. Simply organize your content in the form of an outline. Each item in the outline should represent a page. The left-most items should represent your main menu items. For each page, create a separate document (Microsoft Word, PDF, text, or whatever is convenient) to store the content for that page. Once you have your content prepared, contact us, and we'll assist you with the publishing of your web content. We will also work as a liaison between you and University Information and Communications to help coordinate photography, video, graphic design, and other media for your web design/redesign.

Personal Websites

Whether you're faculty or a student, the Web Development Office is happy to help you with your personal website. See Managing Personal Websites for technical information. If you need assistance, just contact us.

University Voting Booth

Online Elections at UW-Platteville can be requested by the leadership any official governance group on campus for official UW-Platteville business. These procedures are the requirements necessary to develop an election. The Web Development Office facilitates the election on behalf of the governance group. The governance group is responsible for the election, therefore election officials must be identified who will represent the governance group in dealings regarding the upcoming election. See University Voting Booth for procedures and other information.

Web: Tips


For maximum results with the fastest turnaround time possible, please follow these tips when requesting web content updates.


  • Send questions and descriptions of changes
  • Include applicable links
  • Include original uncompressed photos and documents
  • Highlight page changes


  • Request large changes to PDFs
  • Send professional photos without copyright release
  • Send Microsoft Publisher files
  • Put images in Word documents

Preferred File Types

The Web Development Office works best with the following file types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg or jpeg, xls, xlsx, png, eps, psd, ai, svg, xml, and html.

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