Web Committee Membership

The members of UW-Platteville's Website Steering Committee and its subcommittees are listed below. For a listing of staff responsible for day-to-day development and maintenance of UW-Platteville's web presence, see the Web Development Staff page.

Website Steering Committee

  • Stephanie Belken, Alumni Services
  • Stacie Byers, Prospective Student Services
  • Ian Clark, University Information and Communications
  • Robert Cramer, Administrative Services
  • Christina Curras, Administrative Services
  • Peter Davis, Facilities Management
  • Paul Erickson, University Information and Communications (chair)
  • Christine Hawkinson, Distance Learning
  • Bill Hudson, College of EMS
  • Tyler Tollefson, Media Services
  • Mike Sherer, Office of Information Technology
  • John Vieth, Office of Information Technology
  • Joanne Wilson, Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs

Website Policy Subcommittee

  • Hao Chen (co-chair)
  • Ian Clark (co-chair)
  • Bill Hudson
  • Tyler Tollefson
  • Joanne Wilson

Website Navigation Subcommittee

  • Pete Davis (chair)
  • Stephanie Belken
  • Ian Clark
  • Bill Hudson
  • John Vieth

Website Design Subcommittee

  • Stephanie Belken (chair)
  • Stacie Byers
  • Hao Chen
  • Christina Curras
  • Tyler Tollefson
  • John Vieth

Website Project Communications Subcommittee

  • Christine Hawkinson (chair)
  • Rob Cramer
  • Paul Erickson
  • Mike Sherer


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