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Online Elections at UW-Platteville can be requested by the leadership any official governance group on campus for official UW-Platteville business. These procedures are the requirements necessary to develop an election. The Web Development Office facilitates the election on behalf of the governance group. The governance group is responsible for the election, therefore election officials must be identified who will represent the governance group in dealings regarding the upcoming election.


In order to process an election at UW-Platteville, a completed Election Request Form must be submitted ten (10) full business days prior to the start of the election. The Web Development Office will review the requested election and set the election up in the first five (5) days. The remaining five (5) days will be allowed for the election officials to review the ballots and approve the ballots for the election.

Election Requests

Please submit election requests to the Web Development Office ( using the structure below. The following information is required in order to establish a new election:

  1. Election Official(s) Username(s):
  2. Election Name:
  3. Election Description:
  4. Election Display Start Date / Time:
  5. Election Voting Start Date / Time:
  6. Election Voting Stop Date / Time:
  7. Restrictions by:
    1. Academic Department? [Yes | No]
    2. Department? [Yes | No]
    3. Allow Multiple Votes? [Yes | No]
  8. Election Thank-you Message:
  9. Election Directions:
  10. Who can view this election? Please fill out ONE of the following THREE sections (a-c).
    1. List Academic Programs:
    2. List Departments:
    3. Voter Status:
      1. Academic Staff [Yes | No]
      2. Classified Staff [Yes | No]
      3. Emeritus [Yes | No]
      4. Faculty [Yes | No]
      5. Graduate Student [Yes | No]
      6. Guest [Yes | No]
      7. LTE [Yes | No]
      8. Undergraduate [Yes | No]
  11. A contest is a section on a ballot where a voter can cast a choice. For each contest, provide the following information:
    1. Contest Title:
    2. Contest Description:
    3. Minimum Votes: (usually zero or not applicable)
    4. Maximum Votes:
    5. Allow Write Ins: [Yes | No]
    6. Contest Directions:
    7. Departmental / Academic Program Restrictions?
  12. Contest Positions: What are the positions for this contest (i.e. presidential candidate, senator, member at large, etc.)?
    1. Contest Position Title:
    2. Contest Position Description:
  13. Contest Tickets
    1. Who is up for election in this position in this contest?

NOTE: There may be multiple contests. For each contest (item 11) you must have at least one position (item 12). Tickets (item 13) are optional only if there are no candidates for a position AND write-in’s are allowed for the contest.

Election Draft Review and Edits

Once the election draft is activated by the Web Development Office an email will be sent out to the election officials to review the election.

No edits or changes will be allowed one (1) day prior to the start of an election.

Election Activation

The Web Development Office must be contacted by an election official a minimum of twelve (12) hours prior to the start of the election, stating that the election is correct before the election will be activated. If no confirmation contact is made prior to the twelve (12) hours prior to the election, the election will NOT be activated.

Election Results

Election results will be in PDF format and will be emailed to the Election Officials only. It is up to the Election Officials to deliver the information to other interested parties and to the candidates of the outcomes of the election. Election results will be kept for a minimum of two (2) weeks to help answer potential questions about the election.

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